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A Calendar to Past

Designed a unique interactive print calendar to celebrate UNICEF’s 70th year in India and its key milestones in our country through an exquisite mobile application.

Celebrating UNICEF’s 70th anniversary felt like an appropriate time to build awareness about these interventions and bring them into focus.

unicef cover.jpg

Starting from an A5 size calendar, we evolved to an A1 size illustration where we compiled the complete historical timeline across 70 years through different landscapes of India.


The illustration style was inspired by the Mughal miniature painting for the flat perspective illustrations with specific and minute details. The illustration technique that evolved also allowed us to showcase the actual experiences of employees from different teams and draw references from previous brand documents.

Asset 3Small.jpg

All data was recovered from team members by thorough research spanning over months to frame the story for each topic and the highlights of each. This also gave very personal insights to all themes making them relatable to a broader audience.

Our illustration showcased Maternal and Neonatal health by exploring stories that showcased the range of interventions by the ASHA workers of the area, such as point of conception to frequent check-ups of the newborn. The community health center depicted women participating in various activities: coming in for check-ups, traveling in a Janani Express for delivery, and availing of the PMSMA scheme.




Scanning the image on the calendar with a phone takes you forward to an app that lets you enter a richly illustrated landscape - the ‘World of UNICEF in India’ with many inspiring stories of interventions and achievements through partnerships.


The story is told using pop-ups which are layered over the illustration and nudge you through a journey. They consist of text, slideshows and bar charts to add more context.

Comp 10.gif

My Role:

A. Physical Calendar

  1. Conceptualizing and prototyping physical calendar

  2. Creating print ready artworks

  3. Co-ordinating and overlooking printing process

B. App

  1. Research and data collection from stake holders

  2. Identifying story points and creating a narrative

  3. Creating all graphic assets for the app

  4. Co-ordinating with the media partner

  5. Providing with feedbacks and improvements 

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