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Getting the Details Right


For more than 35 years, IFB has been manufacturing cutting-edge home and industrial appliances across laundry solutions, kitchen solutions, and living solutions. Well reputed in its sector for its forte in quality, durability and technology. 

About to open its new range of products to ther customers, IFB seized the opportunity to better define its personality and create a recognizable and engaging brand image.

Front Loader Washing Machine

FL M.jpg

Purple is a nod to industrial expertise and thourough knowledge, Pelati Red evoking aggressive technological innovation and agility in the market.  All living in a timeless and minimalist graphic system.


The visual language was fitted with a reenvisioned brand personality that is purposeful, refined, and smart, and a futuristic tone of voice that is engaging, smart, and upbeat.

Asset 5multi.jpg
Asset 6multi.jpg
Asset 7multi.jpg
Asset 8multi.jpg
Asset 9multi.jpg

Microwave Ovens

IFB Microwave Mocked up copy.jpg

On Scanning the QR code on the sticker, it takes the customer to a recipe video of that particular dish on IFB Spice Secrets Instagram page.

Adding food photographs on Microwave stickers is common among competitor brands. But, how to use a Microwave to prepare that dish, was a major gap in the market study.

Maintaining the Pelati Red as a  common element all across the product range, introduced a Sunflower Yellow to compliment it the food photographs.

Asset 6cuss.png

Built-in Oven

IFB Microwave oven 2020 july 53136 copy2.jpg
Asset 1cuss.png


IFB DW July 202051987 copy.jpg
Asset 1cuss.png
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