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Artboard 1.png

IFB decided to launch a new line of Air Purifiers to the market.


The logotype is presented in a simple, round design, circular and open enough to breath and flow through it.

Moreover, we have equipped it with a graphic language with soft gradients and disappearing concentric circles, echoing the lightness and comfort of fresh air. The Plunge Teal, with White helps reinforcing the same idea. 

Artboard 5Color.png

The range consists of three products- Zero, Zero+ and Zero Pro.  The communcation and the packaging had also 

Mockup 3.1.png

Store Merchandise Unit

It was a strategic decision to place the retails units side to ACs to comprehend the living solutions. The wall mounted option has the disappearing concentric circles spanning as an underlying element with branding and other details.

KKKK2 copy.jpg
Artboard 1Color.png

Scale & Proportions

Lack of wall space on stores lead to designing an island option.

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