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Sheathing surfaces with Chemical Charm


Established in the year 1976, Cipy Polyurethanes Private Limited is a trend setter at manufacturing, exporting and supplying a range of Epoxy Coatings. At the forefront of polymer technology, their unrivaled range of products are catering to various applications for market segments such as automotive, engineering, electronics, power, chemical and construction industry.


The revamped identity is based on the concept 'To the next, protecting the now' inspiring from spirals in nature. The unsuspected graphic catch: extending the arm of Y  blanketing around the type, subtly echoing protection and safeguard. While the other arm extending the same to an upward, open-ended space, gives a feeling of optimism and growth.

Stationery Scene Creator Mockup - Part 01.jpg

Extending the same idea from the logo to the colors, Midnight Blue denotes wise, calm and strong while the Phosphorescent Blue denotes agile, joyful and excited. Combining this with a family of contemporary typefaces and abstract motion patterns come together to convey a sense of stability, depth, and curiosity.

The visual system was derived from  the circular form of the logo. The language complements the simple identity adding visual meaning and substance by relating to varied subject matter. Depending on how it is placed over a photograph or text, the two stroke system works in tandem, subtly compliments the context to the subject matter.

Asset 8Smc.jpg
Capture2 copy2.jpg

Lifestyle photography and videos introduces warm tones and hues. Setting the visuals to focus the floors, instills a visceral connect to the product and there by the brand. 

Hard_Cover_A4_Book_Mockup_8 copy.jpg
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