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Bringing Together
a Home

Asset 11cus.png

For more than 35 years, IFB has been manufacturing cutting-edge home and industrial appliances across laundry solutions, kitchen solutions, and living solutions. Well reputed in its sector for its forte in quality, durability and technology.

The company, with a chain of ~530 retail outlets called ‘IFB Point’, wanted to revitalize its in-store branding by better synchronizing it with the high-end products it offers in its catalog.  


This structuring element can thus take up the space in any form by its inexhaustible modularity, helping to adapt to different store demands.


The concept of ‘Bringing Together a Home’ has been visually translated by great formal simplicity. The system is designed from the most basic shapes possible, like an elementary set of blocks. 

This set of blocks thus becomes the basis of the visual language of the entire identity platform: they are arranged, distorted, and interlocked to formulate engaging and sympathetic illustrations.

Indias First copy.jpg
Therefor you2 copy.jpg
Asset 25cus.png
Asset 26cus.png
Asset 23cus.png
Asset 21cus.png
LittleWonders4 copy.jpg
6 milliom 1.jpg
30 years2.jpg

These visual illustrations relate to the space in which they are placed - they make the store a welcoming and comfortable place where people can gather and celebrate. The graphics are characterized by smooth, abstract lines, a tasteful color palette, and playfully compliment different spaces inside.

My Role:

  1. Research and analysis of competitor brands

  2. Identifying problems with current stores

  3. Conceptualizing the graphic direction

  4. Creating a library of artworks for the easy role out process

  5. Co-ordinating and guiding the execution team.

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